Conemund works to improve the living conditions of 1823 women’s communal Federation Ndioum, in Senegal.

Conemund works in a new project focused on female agricultural sector, specifically in the value chain of dry cereals where direct actions on the links of processing and marketing will be taken. The proposal is aimed at the promotion of food security and the improvement of the living conditions of the vulnerable population of Ndioum commune in the Department of Podor, Senegal.

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Likewise, the proposed intervention, that meets a broad diagnostic work carried out by CONEMUND and the local partner Green Senegal, revolves around the problem of malnutrition so closely linked to agriculture.

This project is based on an approach of comprehensive work based on 3 main axes to ensure the sustainability of the intervention: capacity-building, the physical equipment and the articulation of actors.

The project will collaborate with the communal Ndioum Federation, composed of 19 groups of women engaged in agricultural production (cereals and vegetables), processing/marketing of agricultural products, livestock, dye and clothing.

This consolidation will bring socio-economic benefits for groups of women involved, so that their families will be favoured to the vulnerability of food crises.

The social capital of the commune will be strengthened thanks to networks of trained women on sensitising, prevent and nutritional health especially for children.

CONEMUND has a long experience in projects to improve food security in rural areas in West Africa. Interventions in agriculture, improvement of access to water or enhancement of raw materials, as well as the formation and training of vulnerable groups, is one of the main lines of intervention of CONEMUND, which has contrasting methods and techniques of work thanks to the projects. The experience developed in Senegal by CONEMUND focuses on the field of food security and alternative schools of inclusion of schoolchildren to the formal education system.

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