Project closure “Support for 150 cattle breeder women in the north and in the south of West Bank by increasing their action’s capacity and their decision-making processes for their family farms”

In general, in the Palestinian Territories women are the people in charge of cattle protection, milk collection and milk products production. This project has managed to increase the production and the decision making processes of Nablus, Jenin and Hebron women in sheep farms through specific training in veterinary care and safer and less expensive new production and collection methods.


To achieve this goal, the project has followed a logic of intervention which is divided into 4 phases. In the first phase, veterinary care training for cattle, methods to improve the quality of cattle feeding and new techniques to improve the preservation and the analysis of fresh milk were taught to the beneficiaries.

In the second phase, the relation among the women beneficiaries of the project and the cattle cooperatives in the north and in the south of West Bank was strengthened.

In the third phase, women were technically supported in their family farms to obtain more and a better milk production of their cattle. As a result, we developed milk products (yogurt, cheese, butter, etc.) with better quality.Finally, in the fourth phase, the manufacturing and the commercialization of milk products were improved through training and marketing activities.

The group of women who have been part of the project have actively participated during the execution of the activities.

This project has been made thanks to the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) co-financing.


CONEMUND has been working in the Palestinian Territories since 2004 and with the closure of this project, we completed our work in this area due to the lack of funding and resources. Increasingly, financial supporters don’t consider the Palestinian Territories a priority area despite the population’s needs, which are the same or they have increased since we started working here.

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