Our vision

CONEMUND is an organization that has contributed to empowering vulnerable groups in developing societies so that they may avail of the life choices that befit their human dignity. This work was carried out by distributing very specific aid within different areas, situations and people in need, which has allowed the beneficial effects to be felt throughout the community.

To achieve effective action, we follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Focusing the organization’s strategy on working in developing countries and Spain. To achieve our goal of fighting for human dignity, we implement projects and programs in less developed countries and in Spain through social mobilization, campaigning and education in values, so as to generate effective changes which ensure basic rights for people.
  2. Counting on the participation of all people within the organization as well as our partners and beneficiaries to identify actions and organizational strategy.
  3. Improving the quality of our performance every day, ensuring that programs and projects are focused on cheap summer dresses results, obtaining professional performance and carrying out an effective and efficient management, which is held accountable to society.
  4. Involving large segments of the population so they feel committed to the idea of bringing solidarity and development to people living in poverty and marginalization. Therefore, our idea is to work for a daily increase in the number of people who join our chain of solidarity to combat inequality.