Our values

CONEMUND’s task is inspired by the following values, to be spread through our activities:

  • Human development, equity and social inclusion in all regions of the planet. We believe in the inherent right of people to live in freedom and in appropriate conditions, to develop as individuals and members of their community and in all aspects as a human being.
  • The shared responsibility of our partners, both in our country and in the areas where we work, in the process of decision making and implementation of development actions.
  • The professionalism and experience of the organization’s human resources so that projects and programs are carried out effectively and efficiently.
  • Transparency in the destination and management of funds received and accountability to our partners.
  • The development of diversified funding sources and private contributions, so as to replica rolex ensure independence in decision making and to reflect society’s support of our work.
  • The promotion of voluntary work as a way of promoting solidarity and altruistic contributions in our society in order to put an end to situations of injustice.